Hiasunís engineering capabilities include extensive experience in Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical and System Engineering. We have provided support to both the private and public sectors, including the FAA, and the US Army. Our engineers have developed program code and test procedures; conducted engine and aircraft testing, analyzed sensor data, and evaluated performances of tests.

Engineering & Technology

Hiasun's staff of certified network engineers and program managers is proficient in a wide array of software and hardware products. Our solutions are targeted to the needs of our customers, and include R&D engineering and requirement analysis and development. Our comprehensive engineering servces include:
  • System Design, Integration and Engineering
  • Risk Analysis
  • Documentation compliant with any governing regulation

Full Life Cycle Management

Hiasun supports the system life cycle process from concept development to system requirements. Our expertise includes supporting the T&E process in the following programs:
  • Standard Terminal Automation Systems (STARS)
    Our technical experts develop simulation scenarios, which detail the required air traffic environment(s); perform required maintenance; and prepare required technical documentation such as test procedures, test plans and test reports.

  • Common ARTS (CARTS)
    Hiasun personnel ensure that any software changes to the operating system and adaptations do not change the functionality of the CARTS system. Hiasun interacts with the other members of the test team for the purpose of designing and executing software testing. We work on the implementation of existing functions that are not operational such as the multi-sensor or mosaic mode function of CARTS.

  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
    Hiasun support to the TCAS program includes participation in the nationwide certification process of the Traffic Alert and Collision System (TCAS I and TCAS II) the Traffic Advisory System (TSA) and various other situational awareness systems. This includes the evaluation of factory bench tests and flight tests conducted in accordance with Minimal Operational Performance Standards (MOPS), Advisory Circulars and Technical Standard Orders; the issuance of Technical Center Memorandums that detail the design limitations; and providing the expertise and knowledge necessary to evaluate deviations from design standards of the RTCA and FAA documents.

  • W.J.H. Technical Center Laboratory Services
    Hiasun provides support for the Laboratory Services Group (AJP-78) related to the second level support maintenance organizations (ATO-T, ATO-E, and ATO-W). This experience includes an understanding of the laboratory structure, its interoperability capabilities, as well as emerging NextGen technology and emerging system components (ERAM, ADS-B, Data Comm., and UAS). Our experience includes creating a strategic view for future lab expansion with the NextGen Integration Evaluation Capability (NIEC) and also with tactical support of current Lab operations to gain efficiencies of support. Our staff utilizes effective communication and facilitation skill to ensure that the core work provided by Lab Support Groups matches the evolving needs of the 2nd level support teams in the most cost effective manner.

  • Test & Evaluation Services
  • Some other T&E services that Hiasun provides include:
    • Process Conformance
    • Mission Analysis
    • Investment Analysis
    • Solution Implementation
    • Operational Test
    • Field Famialization Test
    • In-service Management Test
    • Simulation/ Scenario/ Test Tools Support