Mobile Development

Our team members are experienced in building native iOS software applications. We support all current release of Apple iOS and XCode, up to the latest release of XCode 4.0, iOS 5 and iCloud, iPad 2, and iPhone 4S.

As technology and user interfaces quickly change and evolve Hiasun is uniquely positioned and able to react nimbly to sudden advancements. Our applications are able to capitalize on these advancements to create apps that are useful for various customers. Our apps are customer specific to ensure complete satisfaction. We have broad technical experience that includes:

General Software Expertise

On the server side, we have extensive software development experience. We build applications on .NET and Enterprise JAVA frameworks. We worked extensively both with .NET and JAVA software stacks.

On the client side, we worked extensively with advanced Javascript/JQuery libraries,CSS/HTML5.

On User Interface Design, we strictly follow Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines, iPhone/iPad design best practices and perform extensive Usability Testing.

Third party software that support iOS and Android Development: We worked with Sencha and PhoneGap.

Native iOS Applications

Example of native iPad/iPhone applications that we are capable of developing:

  • Interactice user manual for products and services on iPad to leverage iPad multi-touch, gesture-based support
  • Location-based application: Application that use GPS enabled capabilities of iPhone/iPad
  • Client for enterprise application used within business and corporation that talk to a web server and scalable database on the remote server
  • Application that utilize certain capabilities that the device supporting such as cameras, accelerators, notifications
  • Social sharing application

Website to support iPad

Many existing website or web-based applications have certain Flash or Java components that are not supported on Safari iPad. We can rewrite these Flash or Java component in Jquery/Javascript, combine with certain change on their server side, to make it possible to use the application on website, as well as on the iPad.

Our capabilites in this area include:

  • From the example above, we can work with website or software applications that are not currently supporting iPad, to write add-on client and server code to make it functional on the device and also utilize certain features that the iPad support such as gestures.
  • HTML5 compliant: We can make sure a website/web-based application to be able to play video on the iPad. Currently some of the existing site have flash video that are not playable on the iPad.
  • We can build a server application from ground up that fully support iPad users and web users.

Testing and QA

  • Applications are tested on XCode's simulator and also on real world data on all versions of iPhone and iPad.
  • Functional Testingof all features as required
  • Web-based Browser Compatibility Testing: The following browsers are supported: Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9, Safari, and Chrome.
  • Stress Testing and Performance Testing: For application that may need large concurrently access to server from the device (iPad) we will support these testing by generate data and mockup for large number of iPad usage and large number of concurrent requests to the server.